New Hope Gala Part Two – Volunteer of the Year

By Dan Roark    I hope everyone had a great weekend! [Note: If you saw, or when you see, my last post about the Gala, you will note that software and internet technology are very cruel when you try to get artsy with pictures!]

When Cyndy and I went to our assigned table at the Gala, we realized we were sitting at the main table with Dave and Sharla Kershen, Rick Bradford, the mayor of Argyle, Danny Kershen and his wife, Audrey, and Emcee for the evening, Scott Murray and his wife, Carole. Cyndy was surprised and I pretended I was. I had been keeping the secret for two and a half weeks.

Before the band returned to the stage to close the evening out with music for dancing, Dave Kershen took

to the mic and announced that they had decided to start choosing a volunteer of the year. Then he announced that my lovely wife, Cyndy, was the first Volunteer of the Year! Dave was nice enough to acknowledge my volunteering – Cyndy and I often volunteer together – albeit in different capacities at times. Tucker was coming up to give Cyndy a hug. Tucker was a New Hope rider who moved out of the area, so Cyndy and I go pick her up and bring her to New Hope to see friends – horses and people – as often as we can. Tucker’s mother, Sarah, is on the left in the picture to the right, with Darren and Cyndy. Sharla Kershen joined the group at the podium for the picture above.

Cyndy has been volunteering at New Hope for two years. I have wholeheartedly supported her. She has gone above and beyond to help anyone that needs help at New Hope. It was upon her suggestion that we began going to pick up Tucker. For two people who hadn’t ridden a horse in years, we now spend a considerable amount of time around horses. It was because of Cyndy that I became involved after she had already been volunteering for the better part of a year.

And so I would like everyone to join me, the staff and volunteers of New Hope, and the riders – who love Cyndy – in congratulating Cyndy on being chosen as Volunteer of the Year!!!! She certainly deserves it. (And after keeping the secret for two and a half weeks, I’m excited to be able to tell somebody!)

Ride on and ride for hope.


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