Kleenex on the Dryer

This is the laundry room at my parents’ house of over fifty years. We moved there in 1971. The laundry room is actually the small hallway from the kitchen to the garage. The half bath is across from the washer and dryer. Most of the time, though, I remember the box of Kleenex being on the washer more often than the dryer. But during over a half a century, things change.

The odd thing is that only recently it occurred to me that I had no idea why the Kleenex was always there. There is room in the bathroom, possibly, for one of the “cube” boxes they have now. Yet the bathroom has been remodeled a couple of times. I don’t remember how it was years ago, but my parents have always been consistent. It has always been a rectangular box of Kleenex and it was always on the washer. And I don’t ever remember a different size box of Kleenex in that house. Come to think of it, I don’t remember ever buying a different size box of Kleenex in other abodes in which I have lived, with maybe two exceptions. I guess Freud could tell you about that.

Fortunately, both parents are still living, so I could conceivable ask them why. They still have their facilties, though some of them are fading. I would like to ask them why the Kleenex is always on the washer or dryer. Unfortunately, I don’t think they could tell me. I’ve asked them similar questions and they couldn’t tell me why.

But it’s not for any big loss of memory. They don’t remember some things, yet other things they remember quite vividly. That’s just getting older. They wouldn’t be able to tell me because they’re not sure why it started in the first place.

Cyndy and I have been – or had been before two sons moved back in (albeit temporarily) – beginning to get rid of stuff. Let’s say we’re downsizing or we’ll be here forever. Getting rid of stuff, I’ve done a lot of wondering why things were where they were in the first place. Neither one of us knew – or any of the five of us here at the time – why they began to be there or be here at all.

But I still wonder why someone needs a Kleenex before going into, or coming out of, the garage.

Keep writing the songs that are in your heart.

Peace be with you.