Expressions of New Hope – Eduardo

By Dan Roark

When I first began taking pictures at New Hope, and New Hope events, Eduardo barely opened his eyes and didn’t talk much – other than the random sports recitations during lessons. At first, it had as much to do with my being a new person in his therapy sphere as it did his being nonverbal on some level.                                                                           

However, as you see from the pictures, Eduardo has come a long way. At Chisholm Challenge in January, he was in the last heat of the day on Tuesday, being the only rider from New Hope entered in western equitation. He sat patiently all morning and into the afternoon. As his time to ride drew nearer, he got ready, put on his hat/helmet, and waited some more. Eduardo then did his family and New Hope proud in his event, winning a ribbon. His eyes were open as he took in the entire experience. The picture to the right is Eduardo riding in Trail at Chisholm Challenge.

By Family Fun Day, though, as you see, he had accepted my place in his therapy sphere, and dropped his usual guard. Enjoy seeing Eduardo in his happy place – on a horse at (or representing) New Hope!

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