Horse Highlight: Cy (Cyclops)

Claire on Cy at DRC Playday

By Dan Roark

Cyclops is a quarter horse, vintage 2005, who joined New Hope in 2019 when his owner could not take him to college. Before becoming a therapy horse Cy was a barrel racing school horse, and before that he was a jumper. Back when Cy was a jumper he lost his eye to an infection, but it has never slowed him down. He adapted to his new normal, continued jumping, became a barrel racing instructor, and now is a careful therapy horse!

Cy, doing what he knows and loves

Cy is slow and steady when ridden by a less experienced rider. He is easily ridden or led. His steady gait gives the rider confidence they may not have when they are away from New Hope.

At the same time, as you can see, he still loves “airing it out” with barrels and poles. In the pictures, Claire is riding Cy at the Denton Roundup Club Playday. He was having as much fun competing again as Claire was having riding him.

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