As The Rain Came

I was going through old files and folders when I found manuscripts I had forgotten about. This poem is one of those.







As The Rain Came

A rhythmic, steady

beating on the roof,

An ancient

timeless tribal ritual –



The Shampoo Saga


Cyndy and I are at our good friend Sally’s house in Colorado. Doing the same thing we’ve done since before the pandemic – nothing outside the house but the essentials. We did drive to Denver to see places where her…


Isolated Jester

Isolated Jester


When days have no meaning

They run end to end,

Stylistic abortion,

an end to begin.


Walls behind curtains –

Doorways to pain,

Neon paths to nightlife,

shine dull in the rain.


Laughter from a woman,

Rings in…


Mr. Dramatic’s Attic Attack

Mr. Dramatic’s Attic Attack


Two steps forward

One step back,

Gave Mr. Dramatic

An attic attack.


His mind is reeling

Because someone came in.

Vow of silence

broken again.


New changes, new habits

Become the same old routine,

Unless the…


Mr. Dramatic


Mr. Dramatic


Mr. Dramatic

Came down from his attic,

Putting misfortune at bay.

He stood on the front porch

And announced to the crowd,

“I’ve said all I have to say.”


“I ran for the laughter,

Away from the tears,


The Rock in the Yard

Okay, in the mountains it’s called a boulder. Some places in Texas we call it a pebble. Other places we call it a rock. In still other places we would call it a hill and build an overpass over it…


Goat Yoga and a Stolen Kubota

My wife, Cyndy, came home from volunteering at the local market. She looked at me and said, “You have to write a song called Goat Yoga and a Stolen Kubota.” I said, “let’s do it!,” because it was weird enough…


Rest Gently, Ye Suffering Servant

Rest gently, ye suffering servant,

You suffer no more.

The walls of the church

mourn your passing with moans,

groans amid quiet smiles.

Rest gently, ye suffering servant,

You suffer no more.


You are gone, ye good Samaritan,

Gone from…


What Lies Ahead I Wonder?

Good question, thank you for asking. More waiting, I’m afraid. Waiting for the single to be released. Waiting for the time when live music becomes common again. I’m in no hurry if health is at issue.

The reason I am…


Good Morning

Good Morning Gorgeous


Did I tell you that you were the most beautiful…

Wait, I said that already,

Did I tell you that you were the only one….

Wait, said that too.


Did I tell you that I…

Boy I…


Livestream Tonight at 6 p.m.

I will be playing for about half an hour at 6 p.m. (CT) this evening (6/19). It’s last minute notice, but my son, Conner, had to finish setting up his new computer and connecting everything. We ran a quick test…


Untitled Short Poems


I would like to say a word about the dilapidated state of affairs in the world today.

“A word about the dilapidated state of affairs in the world today.”




Respect is to a friendship

as water to a tree.