Wine Tasting Fundraiser Benefitting New Hope

New Hope Equine Assisted Therapy

The Wine Tasting Fundraiser for New Hope Equine Assisted Therapy hosted by Lindsay Meyer and Optima Fitness is this Saturday, March 26th at 917 N. Mill St., Lewisville, Tx 75057. There is a suggested $30 donation to participate in the tasting. More information below.

New Hope Equine Assisted Therapy is a non-profit providing therapeutic riding for people with disabilities. It is also often therapeutic for the horses as well. On a different level, it’s therapeutic for the volunteers, too.

Visit the website for an expanded explanation of the benefits of therapeutic riding. But since this is a fundraiser I thought I would show you that New Hope is so much more than simply therapeutic riding. The staff and volunteers are kind caring people who treat the riders like family. After a period of time, in a sense they are family. [Full disclosure: I have been married to Cyndy, one of the volunteers, for thirty years.]

I was able to attend the Chisholm Challenge, one of the first events in the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo. Riders with special needs from several non-profit therapy centers such as New Hope gather to compete. In the trail competition, which I observed, one volunteer leads the horse and another volunteer walks alongside. A few of the riders who are older or less challenged ride with no assistance – except from the horse. The course is a fairly basic course, but it still requires the rider to have control over the horse.

There are other events at the Chisholm Challenge, but this is about the riders and volunteers/staff at New Hope. As I watched the walkers and the riders I was fascinated by the interaction between rider and horse, and walker with both rider and horse. The look on the riders’ faces of concentration and then absolute joy as they made the final turn and saw the beaming faces of their families in the stands and felt a sense of accomplishment. The look also of concentration on the looks of the walkers and then their look of joy for the rider’s accomplishment.

There is so much more that goes on behind the scenes. Matching the right horse to the rider. The staff and volunteers put in many hours preparing trails conducive to riders with special needs, keeping up the grounds and stables. Then more hours patiently working with occasionally stubborn horses or mules. Then yet more hours patiently walking along with the riders.

New Hope Equine Assisted Therapy is a first class facility with a first class staff and volunteers. If you have someone in your family, or if there is someone you know, with special needs who needs the therapy that riding horses provides, New Hope is the place that will treat them with patience and care, as well as pairing them with the horse that will the provide the best therapy for them.

The level of care that New Hope provides comes with a cost. The cost of a separate fenced area with seating for the parents and families of the riders. The constant feeding and care for the horses. The upkeep of the grounds. Which is where the fundraiser comes in. You can donate even if you aren’t interested in the wine tasting.

For a $30 suggested donation,…

You will have the option at checkout to make a ‘one-time’, ‘monthly’ or ‘keep-the-change’ donation.
join us for a fun night of:

-Sampling 10-12 different wines, taught and served by Wines With An Appeal instructors and servers.
-Yummy treats
-Great company

Your entry fee will be used to care for our very special therapy horses.

Wine available for purchase after the tasting.
New Hope is a 501c3 non-profit organization.

Keep writing the songs that are in your heart.

Peace be with you.