Driving While Distracted

With the gas prices rising, I thought back to being on the road. It is cheaper to re-live past drives than plan new ones.

I was driving through Oklahoma, headed to our oldest son, Conner’s, house in Des Moines. After I got through the various construction sites on I-35 – who would figure? – the road turned long, straight, and boring. Since Cyndy’s job is getting oversize and overweight permits for truckers and shipping businesses, I notice more about trucks than I did before. When I see an oversize or overweight truck, I wonder if Cyndy got them the permits.

I often wonder what the hell they’re hauling. The picture above is of just big-ass pipes, right? Stay tuned.

I had plenty of time to contemplate this one. The jerk in front of me wouldn’t pass the truck and I wasn’t about to get stuck by the side of a truck when the driver decided he needed to change lanes and couldn’t see me. My first, and probably best guess, is a huge freaking RV in heavy duty shrinkwrap. Not only because of the size, but the top on the back end. Like a vent, or something of that nature. But it could also be one of those power stations, where people actually go inside to make adjustments. Or something that would never occur to me – and didn’t.

I don’t have a clue but the Oversized Load sign is simply stating the obvious. I didn’t get a good look from the side – I was going too fast to get past the truck.

So that’s the stuff I wonder about when I’m driving. While I’m taking the pictures, I’m looking at the road, but I’m still extremely careful. Pictures don’t matter if you die before you see them.

As to the big-ass pipes in the first picture. I’ve seen concrete pipes that size before, metal pipes, too. But those were the biggest PVC pipes I have ever seen. I didn’t realize they made them that big. Then again, they probably never realized that someone hadn’t clued me in. So there you go.

Keep writing the songs that are in your heart.

Peace be with you.


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