From the recording Peace Be With You

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We Were in Love

I once knew, I once knew,
a young girl.
I once was, I once was,
a young boy.
We met at the carnival, we met at the carnival,
on the Tilt-a-Whirl.
I played a game, I played a game,
and won her a plush toy.

Chorus: The sun shone bright, and the air was clear
sounds all around us, all that we could hear
was our hearts beating, and it was clear,
we were in love.

The weather got rough, the weather got rough
and we fell apart.
I still knew, she still knew,
that she had my heart.
The days that passed, the days that passed,
were filled with sorrow.
I didn’t know, I didn’t know
what would come tomorrow.


Years went by, years went by,
then better weather.
She ran to me, I ran to her,
we fell together.
We promised each other, we promised each other,
we would never part.
Then I was sure, then she was sure,
that she had my heart.

If God was going to keep bringing us together,
It was up to us to handle the weather.
It was love when push comes to shove
We were in love.