From the recording Peace Be With You

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Peace Be With You

In a dream I came upon a man who seemed to know my name.
a man who had obviously had his share of trouble and pain,
He said I’m cautiously optimistic but I have no clue as to why,
People aren’t acting very Christian, and too many people die,
Some people are saying nasty things in the name of politics,
And extremists are always up to their really nasty tricks.
Why can’t we have a song with something good to say
Let me tell you about the man my dream brought my way.

He said Peace is not a concept to simply be ignored,
We need to love each other until we’re all of one accord
We need to be patient and loving and kind
Understand the contradictions that lie within our minds
Really listen to each other and see what we can do
And learn to say - and really mean - “peace be with you.”

Patrick said to Michael while they were on patrol
we should get the wives together to go and see a show
Taking pictures with protesters just to pass the time
listening to what was on everybody’s mind
Michael said to Patrick you know we really should
Getting out would do us all a lot of good
People were getting along like they were expected to
Then shots rang out, and a wife and mother cried on 15th Ave.


Jesus said to Martin, tell me more about your dream
Being understanding and patient is not as easy as it seems
Only love can conquer hate, I believe is what you said
Well ditto that, but I wish we could get it through their flippin’ heads.