From the recording Peace Be With You

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Love Is the Thing (That Makes Sense of It All)

Dancing on moonbeams with the stars in the sky
Sang the songwriter with the shine in his eye
To the woman he was sure measured his dreams
Sometimes things really are what they seem.

Ch.) Love is a breathing thing we can’t comprehend
A sealed envelope you’re afraid to send,
Laugh with me, dance with me, love with me ahh,
Love is the thing that make sense of it all.

Relationships don’t go like you want them to,
sometimes you get gum on the sole of your shoe
Both bear the burden when one gets a cold,
But seeing the other smile never gets old.


Leaves of grass fly free on winds of change
Making things seem different when they’re really the same
Two young people thrown together by chance,
Turning and twirling, enjoying the dance.