From the recording Peace Be With You

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Chocolate Eclairs and Apple Fritters

Strolling down the highway, I ran into a man
He didn’t have a clue, Lord he didn’t have a plan
He wasn’t too young and he wasn’t too old
Stuck right there in the middle of the road.
He didn’t move too fast, he didn’t move too slow
Ask his philosophy and this you were told...

It’s like chocolate eclairs and apple fritters
when you get to the middle that’s the very best part
It’s like ice cream cones and peppermint sticks
an aphrodisiac and a cheap, cheap trick,
you get too much, it’s gonna lose that touch,
it’s too sweet, it’s too sweet.

Some go high and some go low
some don’t learn anything they don’t already know
Start a conversation, they don’t know what to say.
stoke up and the video games and play, play, play,
non-committal, he really doesn’t care
reads societies columns to know what to wear...


Some like the legs and some like the bust
some don’t like any women they can’t trust,
But if you ask me, I know what I’ll say
‘Cause I think about sex nearly every day
and you know what I say...