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Hello Out There was recorded in Los Angeles in November of 2017 by Dan Roark, with noted LA session bassist, Lou Castro, Dweezil Zappa's drummer, Ryan Brown, and produced by Dan's son, Conner Roark. Opening song, The Hitchhiking Song, was written about a true story. Aardvark song is a song Dan wrote with his daughter "when she was twelve, and I was acting like it." Hello Out There is about those on the autism spectrum. I Got My Ass Kicked in Nashville is a literal as well as metaphorical story about an adventure in Nashville. "Before the National Weather Service issues an evacuation notice, they check to see if the Waffle House is closed. If it's closed, they issue the evacuation notice. Because Waffle House never closes. FEMA actually calls it the "Waffle House Index." Waffle House (Is a Mighty Fortress) is about a couple that disagree about leaving when the Waffle House closes. Listen and enjoy the experience.

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