The New Flavor of Potato Chips

In the last few years, there has been a plethora of new flavors of potato chips. Obviously, the flavor in the picture is not new. But it is appropriate. The idea, I think, was to throw out different flavors and see which ones stick with popularity. Then there were the obvious novelty flavors. A lot of the flavors never stuck. Then there were the flavors that I might have thought were novelty flavors that are still offered. Jalapeno was an obvious choice and not bad. Dill pickle, not so much. But then, I didn’t think dill pickle sunflower seeds would take off – thinking it would be a novelty flavor. I was wrong.

But back to potato chips. The one flavor I thought was obvious never happened. When I eat a bag of potato chips, I look for chips that are cooked more than the others. I’ve always called them the “burnt” chips. That was why I liked the Cape Cod russet potato chips that they don’t make any more. I don’t know why – I bought the store out of bags on several occasions.

And that is the new flavor I want to suggest – an entire bag of “burnt” chips. I’m sure the chip companies have lost money on the flavors that didn’t fly – so to speak. So why not try this one? I doubt anyone in authority at a chip company will see this, but it would be nice. But if wishes were horses….well, nevermind.

Keep writing the songs that are in your heart.

Peace be with you.