The Farrier Returns – Wyatt Myr

Cyndy shows Wyatt and Kim the second shoe that Cy threw.

By Dan Roark

Not only was it the customary fifth week for the farrier to return to New Hope, it was also the return of Wyatt Myr to work after breaking his neck and back in an accident during a polo match. Fortunately, the doctor told him it was the best case scenario for neck and back breaks. If you can call it a best case scenario at all.

Joey is still helping Wyatt out while he is in the brace, which may be another five weeks. Natalie was assisting with trimming the horses that don’t have shoes and removing the shoes of the ones that do.

Joey inspects a shoe he’s been molding on the anvil.

Wyatt was a state champion barrel racer growing up in Michigan. He took up polo while he was in college, saying he was immediately hooked on the “speed and fun of polo.” He competed professionally along the East Coast following college until he moved to the Dallas area ten years ago to help run the Polo Training Foundation (PTF). The PTF was formed in 1967 to promote clinics and interscholastic and collegiate polo. Located on a ranch in Burleson, the organization closed in 2010 during the recession.

Natalie takes a break and smiles for the camera.

Along with his farrier business, Wyatt also teaches polo at Legends Equestrian Center, thirty-five miles east of downtown Dallas. “At Legends, we’re trying to grow new players and teach them how to play safely.”

Here at New Hope, we’re glad he wasn’t hurt too badly and the horses are glad he’s back. We’re also happy that Wyatt has done – and is doing – so much for the sport of polo.

But we’re just grateful he’s a farrier, too!

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