Songwriters For Autism: The Beginning, Pt. 2

cropped-cropped-cropped-songwriters-for-autism213.jpg[I’ll switch now to writing in first person. It was easier to write the first of the story in part one in third person.]

Neil Massey of the Autism Treatment Center (ATC) sent me their standard agreement for people or groups doing benefits. I signed it, made copies, and sent it back. It is available for anyone who asks.

Before I had my meeting at ATC, I posted on the Dallas Area Open Mics group Facebook group page. I asked who would be in on a show to benefit autism awareness. I received a tremendous response from many more people than I could schedule. I do, however, have their names for future events.

Suzanne Mason talked to potential sponsors and put together some nice baskets for the raffle. There are some items from Six Flags and Hurricane Harbor. There will be a number of drawings at the event. I will be posting pictures of the baskets. We will also have a guitar signed by the students at the Autism Treatment Center to auction off in a silent auction. Other items are forthcoming. Here’s the first basket:

Raffle basket 1

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