Open Mic Tales – When an Open Mic is Like a Second Home – Part One

Mr. Troll - Host of Poor David's Pub Open Mic

Mr. Troll – Host of Poor David’s Pub Open Mic

Okay, I don’t mean you can spend the night. Or even raid the refrigerator. More like a weekly family reunion with people you are comfortable being with. Granted, there are always weird cousins or funky aunts and uncles – but it wouldn’t be the same without them.

There are a number of open mics that fit the criteria I’m going to relate. Among them are the Dallas Songwriters Association open mics – and, indeed, the organization as a whole. Those who lead an open mic that fits the category, please weigh in with a comment. Welcome to the world of open mics….

I’m using the Poor David’s Pub open mic hosted by Mr. Troll on Mondays as my example. As can be found in the Dallas Area Open Mics group on Facebook (Troll is administrator of the group), there are a number of open mics on every day of the week. As Troll says, call ahead to check the details before going to an open mic.

Bar, club, or restaurant owners, as a general rule, are notoriously impatient about getting results. Some have been known to cancel an open mic after only a couple of weeks. And sometimes, they’ve cancelled them at any time for any reason. Again, check before going to an open mic. Even poor David has had schedule conflicts and needed to postpone the open mic. But he usually tells Troll so people know in advance.

But the first criteria for a successful open mic is a good variety of talent. Some who have only been writing songs for a short time. Some who wish they were songwriters and just like to play and sing – they usually play covers. A variety of ages, as well. It’s a musically nurturing community with everyone being supportive of all performers and giving advice to those who are younger and just getting started.

Actually, that was two criteria – variety of talent, and performers without egos who support fellow singer-songwriters – rather than view them as competitors. Which means if you’re going to an open mic for the first time, be respectful and supportive of the other performers. If you’re experienced, use that experience to pass along advice and tell others how well they did. (Give them credit for potential.)

Stay tuned for part two. I don’t want to take too much of your time at once. I appreciate you being here.

Peace be with you.

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