Chisholm Challenge Award Luncheon

[Re-posted from Feb. 2]

Excited Award Winners

After being under the weather last week – and staying out of the weather then and now – it’s back to the Chisholm Challenge news and the awards luncheon.

Looking outside now at all the frozen white, it’s hard to picture the sunny Saturday at the Pizza Hut in Argyle as the crowd gathered to celebrate the riders’ accomplishments. And to think of being inside and warm while the horses brave the elements.

Folks began to gather a little before 11:30, but trickled in for a while. A multitude of conversations was shared over the next couple of hours, but oddly enough, not a lot of pizza was eaten. But the excitement was palpable, with volunteers and families of riders visiting with old friends and meeting new ones. Riders visited with each other excitedly –  there was even a little wrestling involved. Something about a phone and a sock. Which probably helps to explain the leftover pizza.

Before things went awry, Susan Altshuler – Organizer of Things – began the presentation of awards. Those that received awards at Chisholm Challenge – such as for English Equitation and Drill Team – were “re-presented” with those awards so that all present could celebrate with each of the riders. And celebrate with each of the riders we certainly did.

The smiles on their faces in the picture had been on their faces for quite some time throughout the presentation. The applause seemed to go on forever. You can feel the enjoyment in the air as you look at them. Yet behind all the smiles of satisfaction lay the determination to do better next year.

Ride on and ride with hope.

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