Seats Filling Up Fast for Free Roy Elkins Workshop

Seats are filling up fast and time is running out to rsvp for a spot at the free Your Music and Your Business workshop by Roy Elkins, CEO of The workshop is on Monday, December 7, from 6-9 p.m…


Open Mic Tales – West Texas Mammoths

West Texas Mammoths

Open Mic Tales will be a regular feature since the stories keep turning up. If I run out of stories – which is highly unlikely – there are open mic hosts and performers that could fill in…

Video Test

This is just a test to see how the video works.

Peace be with you.


Tone Shop Guitars

In case you don’t know, there is a new guitar shop on Midway, just north of Beltline, in Addison – Tone Shop Guitars. Co-owners Tommy Roberts, Grant Sheffield and staff will be happy to show you around. They have…


The Surprise in the Shower

Our oldest son, Conner, before he moved to California, was visiting with his band at the home of a band member’s sister. Her boyfriend had a puppy in the backyard – about ten weeks old. He was tethered by a…


Arlington Guitar Show and V-Picks

As my post on the DSA blog (re-posted here) stated, I worked the booth at the Arlington Guitar Show. I enjoy working the booth at guitar shows, because it’s a chance to play guitars I will never own. Some of…


DSA Booth at Arlington Guitar Show (re-post)

[Re-posted from DSA blog]
The second special event of October was the DSA booth at the Arlington Guitar Show on Saturday, October 17, and Sunday, the 18th. Bobby Montgomery set up the table on Saturday – and worked all day…


Turk Wilder, Writer of ‘The Eyes of a Ranger’

[Re-posted from DSA blog] October has been a busy month for Dallas Songwriters Association (DSA). There were several special events in addition to the regular weekly events (all of which went well). The first was a visit by Skype with…