The Search for a Mountain Wookie

There is a shop called Mountain Wookies in Colorado with a location in Canon City and another in Woodland Park. On the last couple of trips to Colorado, I went in search for a mountain wookie. Our friend, Sally, went…


Good Morning to Cyndy

Good Morning (To Cyndy)


Good Morning – the Love of my Life,

Even though I miss you when you are gone,

I am excited – and anxious –

To see you again.


Because I know that

when you walk in…


The Jester and The Lady

The Jester and The Lady


Scared is a reason,

Paranoid a curse,

The two souls surviving,

jester and lady,

Through verse.


The jester is still hiding

What the lady has seen,

And cries in the darkness

At the mess as…


Southern Plains: Nashville

916 Acklen Ave., in Nashville

This was the house in Nashville where we lived on the second floor. The room with the three windows upstairs was my room. The front door of our apartment is on the far right side…


Southern Plains, Part II

(Read the first part of the Southern Plains story here. Along with what the cover of the album was supposed to be like if the distributors had let me use the cover I wanted.)

The next time Joel, Bruce…


Mr. Dramatic Returns to the Attic

Mr. Dramatic Returns to the Attic


Mr. Dramatic

has locked himself in the attic

and won’t come out to play.

Woke up on the wrong side,

woman took his pride,

it hasn’t been a very good day.


He’ll go for…


The Hinge


The Hinge


Residue of confusion,

Wayward distortion of fact,

The jester has simply

forgotten how to act.


It is one thing to let loose

and go on a binge.

Quite another to polish

An old, rusty hinge.


The one ignores…


Static in the Attic

Static in the Attic


There is nothing but static

in the attic

as Mr. Dramatic stares at the sofa

that could be a bed –

but never becomes one.


Mr. Dramatic catches glimpses

in the reflecting mirror,

as the vision…


Losing All in a Fire – Help for Friends

A couple who are friends of mine had their house burn down recently. As a result, I have been flashing back to when our house burned the Friday before I began my senior year in high school on Monday.