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Welcome to the world and music of Dan Roark. I have lived here for a while now and it's not a bad place to live, really. Although on some level, it's probably just as well you're only visiting. But hang around as long as you like.

Here you can listen to my songs - and buy them if you wish - read my thoughts in posts on my blog, see my pictures, and find out when and where I am playing. 

You can also hear live versions of my songs on Reverbnation, as well as see videos of live performances. You can also see my videos on, and subscribe to, my YouTube channel


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Inaugural DSA Third Tuesday Showcase/Open Mic at Sons of Hermann Hall 

Dan Roark 2If you weren’t at the inaugural DSA Third Tuesday Showcase/Open Mic, you really missed out – seriously. You missed out a great show. You missed out on playing the open mic. And you missed out on hearing music in Sons of Hermann Hall, a historic building with a history preceding Elm St./Deep Ellum and even country music (obviously not Elm St. the street, but the Elm St. of the blues). The acoustics in the Old Bowling Alley Ballroom need to be experienced. And, yes, it used to be a bowling alley.

Host Dan Roark played an abbreviated set due to circumstances. He included the Hitchhiking Song which is about an actual occurrence. Dan ended with River That Flows, one of his signature songs that he co-wrote with Tim Duggins.

Cat McGee

Cat McGee

Cat McGee (don’t you love that name) played next and presented an excellent set of songs and stories. The soft-spoken nature of her speaking voice belies the power in her singing voice. She talked of the fellow worker who was pregnant and shared her experiences with Cat. Nine months later, she had a baby, and Cat had a song. You can hear her music and find out more on her website and her Facebook page.

Terry Bloss mentioned how lucky he was to be there. Sunday night he had no voice at all. But thanks to the tag team of God and his doctor, he was ready to sing. He did not play a full set, electing to ere on the side of caution. Terry did, however, perform some of his best songs. Which included a new song

Terry Bloss

Terry Bloss

entitled I’m Being Terrorized.

John Mason was the only singer/songwriter who signed up for the open mic. Which is a shame because there was a small, but enthusiastic crowd who enjoyed the songs and the music. John has a hypnotic voice and writes very good songs. He commented that he was there for the acoustics.

Those who didn’t come out missed the chance to play for that enthusiastic crowd and with the good acoustics. But never fear, you will have another chance on Tuesday, February 16th at the next Third Tuesday Showcase/Open Mic. The showcase performers will be announced later, but put it on your calendar so you can plan to join us for the showcase and play in the open mic.

John Mason

John Mason


Keep writing the songs that are in your heart.


Inaugural DSA Third Tuesday Showcase/Open Mic at Sons of Hermann Hall 

If you weren’t at the inaugural DSA Third Tuesday Showcase/Open Mic, you really missed out – seriously. You missed out a great show. You missed out on playing the open mic. And you missed out on hearing music in Sons of Hermann Hall, a historic building with a history preceding Elm St./Deep Ellum and even […]

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Open Mic Tales – Platonic Mistress, Mr. Troll’s Birthday 

Platonic Mistress

Platonic Mistress

Mr. Troll’s birthday is January 18th, which means this year it was on a Monday and coincided with the Poor David’s Pub open mic, which is hosted by …wait for it … Mr. Troll. As usual Carlos Sanchez was on sound with Samantha Sanders behind the bar. Poor David and the Mrs. even made an appearance. Again – as per usual – Troll took the “dreaded first slot.”

The regular suspects were in attendance and on the list – myself, Baylis Laramore, Darren Rozell, Tin Man Travis, and John Mason. Joe the Bear and David Lavinette played for the first time. Mike Randolph with his Moog Etherwave Theremin, made his second appearance. Scott Thornton was in the Philippines on an Zen retreat and was unable to make it.

Happy Birthday, Mr. Troll!

Happy Birthday, Mr. Troll!

The featured artist was Platonic Mistress out of Ft. Worth. The trio of Fernando Page, guitarist and instigator, Rob Blevins on bass, and Dylan Rocamontes on drums played in-your-face rock and roll. On their Facebook page, they call it power pop or new wave with stinging alternative rock undertones, but, as Billy Joel said, “it’s still rock and roll to me.” Call it what you want, they did it well.

You can find their music on SoundCloud. At one point, Page told the crowd that he realized his finger was bleeding, and he apologized. Apparently a few days before he had played his fingernail to the quick. But why he apologized – and he apologized at least twice – I’ll never know. No one really noticed it before he said something. And after he mentioned it, it was all we could see. F.Y.I. to performers – don’t apologize – most of the audience will never know.

Regardless of the apologies, Platonic Mistress kept up the groove going and rocked the house. The trio has an undeniable chemistry combined with youthful energy. The singer-songwriters on the list provided an interesting counterpoint of age and wisdom. Not to mention the celebration of Troll’s birthday with two candles on a cookie cake (provided by Samantha) and a rousing Happy Birthday song. The evening ended – as open mics often do – with a jam.

Peace be with you.

DSA Weekly Events – With New Showcase at Sons of Hermann Hall 

For your songwriting pleasure, DSA  events this week begin with the song swap today from 7 – 9p.m. at Tino’s Too in Plano with Steve Sullivan and Gigi Costas. It’s a song circle with time for comments on each song. Bring a song you are working on. Maybe a song you’ve just finished and are […]

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Open Mic Tales -1 Last Chance, Mr. Troll, and The Ghoulies – Oh My 

1 Last Chance 1There were two featured artists at the Poor David’s Pub open mic on Monday night, January 11, hosted by Mr. Troll. Actually more like a featured artist and special guest. 1 Last Chance was the featured artist. The band, from Oxford, Mississippi, consists of Brandon McDaniel on lead guitar, Jacob Hampton on guitar, and Johnathan Ray on drums.

They call themselves a combination of punk, alternative, and progressive, rock. I detected a smattering of grunge as well. With Ray’s driving force on drums and Brandon’s rythmnic control on guitar, it was easy to forget there was no bass player. From one high intensity song to1 Last Chance 2 another, the intensity did not waiver throughout the set.

They played all three songs from their EP, This Nowhere – A Perfect Machine, Changes, and Devin. The EP was released in July of 2015. They ended the set with a punk version of (I’m not your) Steppin’ Stone that Mickey Dolenz of the Monkees would call “interesting.” 1 Last Chance is headed to Norman, Oklahoma, Amarillo, and Fort Stockton, Texas before heading back toward Mississippi. They are scouting potential studios for their next recording sessions while they are on the road.

Ghoulies 1The “special guest” was sound man Carlos Sanchez and the Ghoulies. They are a six piece band. I don’t have any names, other than Carlos. Hopefully, Troll will post in the comments with their names. They covered Eric Clapton and Texas Tornadoes, and did them well. At the end of the open mic, a few members of the Ghoulies joined Scott Thornton and Tin Man Travis for an all out jam.

Peace be with you.

Co-writes for Very Busy People – Regular Tuesday Meeting 

Join us Tuesday night, January 12, at the Center for Community Cooperation for the regular DSA Monthly Meeting. This month, the program will be “Co-writes for Very Busy People.” Bring your guitar if you would like. For the melody, choose either Jambalaya by Hank Williams or House of the Rising Sun by the Animals.  You […]

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Open Mic Tales – Space Gringos 

Space Gringos 2The first open mic tales post of the new year is about the featured artist at the last open mic at Poor David’s Pub – hosted by Mr. Troll – of 2015. The featured artist was Space Gringos. Troll wrote a post about them being the featured artist, but their music is not online – yet, read on. So I had no idea what to expect.

Troll kicked off the open mic, as usual. Three other songwriters played their songs. Then Space Gringos set up on stage. The serious electronic drum set that Tim Moffet was setting up made me wonder what type of music we were about to hear. Then his brother, Dan, set up their personal monitors and broke out his AX-Synth Synthesizer and looper which took my thoughts of what we were about to hear in a totally new direction.                                                                                                                          Space Gringos

When they kicked off their set, there was a familiarity with some of their music I couldn’t place. Then either Tin Man Travis or Troll said the synthesizer reminded him of Edgar Winter. Which explained the familiarity I felt. Except that the keyboard, then synthesizer, that Winter first played was much bigger and bulkier than the sleek AX-Synth.

Space Gringos is an apt name. With the driving beat of Tim’s drums, and Dan’s synthesizer and looping finesse, the result is full sounding in-your-face rock –  with a liberal dose of otherworldly quality reminiscent of not only Edgar Winter, but some of David Bowie’s work. Which you will be able to hear soon – I told you to read on – their album will be on CD Baby soon. In the meantime, you can find them on Facebook and Bandmix. Be sure to catch their show when you can.

Peace be with you.

♫ Dallas Songwriters E-News, SONGWRITERS NOTES issue #172 JANUARY 2016 ♪♫ 

Hello Songwriter, Your newsletter, Songwriters Notes, is now online to view at: http://songwriternotes.blogspot.com/ IN THIS ISSUE: DSA events https://dallassongwriters.org/events/ WORKSHOPS SongSwaps on the 1st and 3rd Monday – MONDAY – Jan 4 & Jan 18 at Tino’s 2nd Tuesday Meeting – Co-writes For very Busy People – Jan 12 SHOWCASES and OPEN MICS Open Mics […]

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January DSA Events 

January events actually began with the showcase at Angela’s at the Crosswalk on Saturday, the 2nd, that was originally the last showcase in December before it was re-scheduled. Regular January events began last night with the first Monday song swap at the flagship Half Price Books store from 7 – 9 p.m. The first Thursday […]

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